Important notification

Currently, due to the ongoing global shipping crisis and other worldwide events, shipping to various countries has been either restricted (no air shipping available) or completely suspended (no parcel shipping available at all).

Please check the Japan Post service availability page for detailed information before you order..

Our method of shipping your ramen package

All of our products are shipping from Japan via Japan Post, both surface and express shipping. A tracking number is provided after the package has been handed over to Japan Post.

Shipping times

Since we ship globally and the global shipping situation changes daily, we cannot guarantee an arrival date of your shipment. 

Surface shipping, based on experience, can take 6 to 12 weeks to arrive to most places worldwide, based on the current global shipping situation. Due to the ongoing shipping crisis, shipping times are around 3 months to most countries.

Express shipping, based on experience, can take 2-3 weeks to arrive to most places worldwide, based on the current global air freight situation. Please check the Japan Post service availability page to see if air shipping is currently available for your country.

Should you see the tracking status "Dispatch from outward office of exchange", it means your package is currently on a ship/airplane and on the way to your country. Shipping status will be updated once the package has arrived in your country.

Shipping prices

Shipping is already included in the price of the product. This includes the shipping materials and the cost of sending the package. Taxes and customs are not included and are responsibility of the buyer.

Return policy

Due to the nature of our products and the involved shipping costs, we do not offer returns. If you should be unsatisfied with your package for whatever reason, please contact us directly.

Transfer of responsibility

Since we are shipping globally, the transfer of responsibility happens at the handover to the Japanese Post office. We will provide a shipment number, if your shipment is eligible. We are not responsible if your shipment gets lost, your address is wrong or cannot be found or if your shipment gets intercepted and destroyed by customs. Please check your local laws and make sure your address is correct before your submit your order.